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Holiday 99 Page (including pictures of previous generations)


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Some text about the picture

Scanned Photos donated by others - thanks !!! Tineke-JanPieter-Gerard-Angel-Jan Christian Jan Fritz-Karin-Heelena-Laura Jan-Greetje-Tineke-Jaques Ben-Marija Vic-me Vic-me-Vic
Mainly Stills from my video camera in order Jan at Tante Lea's Gerard at Tante Lea's Catherine & Angele Laura,Karin,Heelena,Fritz,Jan Jaques & Greetje Following 2 photos courtesy of Greetje Jacques and Me Me 'avin' a cuppa Ben's car At the wheel Ben,Marija,Tamaras friend,Patricia,Oom Vic,Jeffrey Jan-Roelof & Patricia Marco Marija, Tamara + friend, 1/2 Jeffrey Tamara's friend, Jeffrey, Patricia Jeffrey ? Vic, Steward, Erica ?, Andre Willeke Gemma Jerome Andre,?,Mark Mayda Paul + Hat Vic + Hat ? Vic + Hat + Hand Claire Wiglius Vic & Erna Erna Wiglius, Vic & Claire Paul, Wiglius Paul, Wiglius, Vic & Dad
Drawings made by Paul de Bie
Old stories - I would like an audio file ?? het lepke.txt naar bed.txt
Pictures of previous generations - better quality always appreciated !!! Adr.van Aalst C.Victor de Bie Johanna van Aalst Jos_de_Bie Jos Bie Bie De Pijnboom - can anyone deciphre this for me ?