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General Always check out the "News Page" - fully. If something has changed/moved then look there for an explaination. Want to find something - use Ctrl/F.
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The Pages "Patrick & Family Page" - my own stuff. "Humour Page" is that which appeals to ME! "Technical Page" is how this is all done. If you don't understand then I am to blame for making it too difficult! "Sharware Page" is there anything there anymore? The same pictures available in the "Holidays/Events Page" are also available in the "Families Page" except the order they are presented is different. Viz. Pictures collected during a Holiday/Event are then copied into the Families Page, unless they are archive material in which case they are copied into "Previous Generations & Omoeke".
Restricted Access As of 9/9/99 a large proportion of this site is now protected by password access in order to prevent misuse of the details. There are two levels of member access: 1) Guest member permits access to Previous Generations PAF Family Tree, Flags, Families and Holidays only. 2) "famdebie" member permits access to all, including the "Private Pages". Unfortunately, this later access must be limited to all family de Bie and relatives only.
Logging In See also "Restricted Access" If you end up on the Tripod page suggesting: "Oops! The creator of this page has not granted you access to this directory. Not to worry, you can still:" ..... in error, i.e. you have the appropriate member access, then go "Back" (Browser button) and click on the "Login Page" on the Left Hand Side on the "Main Page" in order to enter the login (member name) & password. WARNING: Do not click "sign up" unless you want to start up your own website! Otherwise you WILL have to mail me for access (please!)