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Welcome to Patrick's Technical Page

The Technical Page.
(Remember to press "Reload" in case pages are cached.)


Nederlands Worden Lijst.
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Bookmarks in this document: Versions Reducing Costs Operation Pictures Saving Busy E-Mail Internet Explorer 4
 I use Netscape Navigator 4.03 at home and Netscape Navigator 3.01 at 
work and these pages and instructions are relevant to those. Internet 
Explorer is similar in use but not exactly the same. Version is usually 
found under Netscape/Help/About.

Reducing Costs
 I try to minimise time online as much as possible by either

*) Going off line temporarily. Finding the page I want and then 
disconnecting from the ISP/phone line and then reconnecting when 
I want to change (but bear in mind any minimum call charges). 
It is usually possible to go "back" offline to previous pages.

*) Saving. Downloading the page with a Netscape/Save As and viewing 
it later off line. This doesn't always work and it is sometimes 
necessary to copy. See Saving

*) Printing. I am not a fan of this because of earths resources and 
I can do so much more with an electronic copy BUT if necessary print 

*) Examining the cache. Even the cache sometimes proves useful but 
this is not too friendly. I have heard of at least one viewer which 
makes things easier. The cached files are usually found in:
       C:\Program Files\Netscape\Navigator\Cache

*) I use Ctrl/F to rapidly find required text.

*) Don't waste time on line composing. Write your e-mail off line. Then 
connect and cut and paste into e-mail message.

 I make extensive use of the Nestcape's "Back" button. i.e. some pages 
(and pictures) may not have links back to "Main Page".

 I have my Netscape setup to NOT view pictures automatically. This saves 
an awfull lot of time. In order to view a picture I have click on the 
icon or to press the Netscape "Image" button for all the images. A small 
inconveniance for the time (and cost) it saves. Right mouse button also
brings up a useful list of options.

This is set in:
 Nestcape 3.01 /Options/Auto Load Images
 Nestcape 4.03/Edit/Prefernces/Advanced/Automatically load images

 If you suspect a page (or picture) has changed then press Nestcape's 
"Reload" as copies of recently visited pages will be TEMPORARILY 
stored on your hard disk known as the "cache". This is done in order 
to speed up access to the internet. However this need to reload is 
dependent on how Netscape is set up.

This is set in:
 Nestcape 3.01 /Options/Network Preferences/Cache/Verify Documents/Never
 Nestcape 4.03/Edit/Prefernces/Advanced/Cache/Document in cache is 
               compared to document on network: Once per session.

 See Saving
 I have tried to make the text & pictures fit in a 640 x 480 window.
Hence best observed in a 800x600 Windows resolution as this allows for 
borders and a small amount of working space.

 If the colours are wrong then check your screen resolution is set 
to greater than 16 (4bit) colours.

 Best application for viewing and manipulating pictures is Paint Shop Pro. 

 Pictures have been scanned in from standard 6x4 inch photos using my 
scanner set to 400 dpi (dots per inch) resulting in a file some 15MB
in size. This is then converted to JPEG format (.JPG) using a compression
of 15:1 resulting in a file of 500KB. These I keep. For these pages I also
further reduce in size to fit in 640x480 resulting in 30KB and lately
more reduction to 10KB for "LOW BW" (Low bandwidth connection) using 
75:1 compression resulting in a poorer qaulity picture but 3 times 
faster download.
 Pictures carrying an alpha suffix e.g. ipp045.jpg as ipp045a.jpg are 
enlargments of small areas of the parent photo and hence may not be 
of as good a quality.
 Pictures carrying a further alpha suffix of s e.g. ipp045.jpg as 
ipp045s.jpg or ipp045as.jpg are the "LOW BW" (or s for SLOW) version.

Saving Use Netscape/File/Save As or if this fails, copy. To copy, first select using Ctrl/A or even Shift/up+down. The mouse may only select what is visible on the screen ie it will not scroll. !! however use mouse and up+down. Copy or paste to Notepad (or Wordpad) or whatever application suits. Shift/click on the LINK on the previous page, will also force a save. BUT make a note of where it has gone !! A good filing system is very important. This will save whatever is sent, including any error message so check file is ok. Saving pictures WITHIN a page does NOT work by saving the page. IF the page IS the picture then save will be ok. Otherwise it is necessary to save each picture SEPERATELY. This is best done by use of the Right/Click on the picture and then selecting "Save Image As". If only icon is shown and no picture then select "View Image" first. Busy The internet (world wide wait) is very busy. It is said: "A chain is as strong as its weakest link". But try to differentiate between the following: *) ISP (Internet Service Provider) is refusing to connect due to overload. *) ISP is busy (as opposed to engaged) resulting in slow download. *) web site is busy resulting in refusal to connect or slow download. *) The free ISPs like,, are obviously oversubscribed and will be slow. *) Certain times of day and week are better than others. All hell breaks loose after lunchtime as the Americans wake up and flood the network. However there is a need to balance this with local use of ISPs which is apparently around 20:00 to 24:00 when everyone else has gone to bed !!! Weekends mean less use by buisiness. I find most cheapest and fastest times are Saturday followed by Sunday mornings.

E-Mail See Reducing Costs I prefer to use the free e-mail providers such as and NOT my own ISP. The same goes for the websites. The reasoning behind this is I can access my e-mail from ANYWHERE in the world providing I can get to an internet connection. Also if I wish to change ISP, I do NOT have to change my e-mail address. At least consider having a second e-mail address as a backup. The following FREE e-mail web-based providers may ALSO provide access to your ISPs POP3 e-mail. Its very useful for collecting ALL e-mail from your other accounts. Also easy to setup. coollist iname yahoo - 3 POP3 goplay supernews cinemail hotmail - 4 POP3 mailcity netaddress penmail Sending Attachments I have found that whereas normal text usually is viewable at the other end, sending attachments such as photos can have numerous problems. Attachments must be sent as text because of basic internet design restrictions. The means for encoding attachments from binary into text and back is generally automatic and provided by one of the following schemes: UUEncodeing. Appended text starts with "begin" followed by filename and ends with an "end" MIME. Appended text starts with the words "MIME". BINHEX64. Used mainly by Suns This is normally completely transparent to the recepient requiring no intervention other than the downloading of the file. However there may be problems when working across different mail servers. If the encoding scheme is not automatically dealt with then this text will appear at the end of the normal message and will require decoding externally. ie dowloading the entire message and than passing the file through a decoder programme such as XFERPro. There are also restrictions on each mail server sending and receiving, regarding the maximum size of the individual e-mail and the total size of the users account and number of files. Note that the size of the e-mail is after encodong and this incorporates an expansion of some 1.5 to 1 ie a 20k binary file will result in 30k encoded e-mail.

Internet Explorer 4 I have recently loaded this in conjunction with Netscape and changed the following settings: Internet Explorer 4.01 Settings are under View/Internet options ../General/Home Page: A:\NETSCAPE\MINE.HTM (Click on Use Current) was ../General/Tempoarary Internet Files/Settings/Check for newer version of stored pages/Never default: Every Time you start Internet Explorer ../Advanced - Turn Off ALL Multimedia. Can only RH Click. The settings are so changed to enable faster access of the net. This works but:- 1) Turning off automatic downloading of pictures results in having to RH click on each picture in turn. Netscape Images button loads all of them in one go. 2) Animated GIFs don't animate even with RH Click on picture. 3) It stil seems slower than Netscape 4. The ONE BIG advantage over Netscape is the ability to "Work Offline" enabling one to view previously viewed pages providing they are still in the cache on the hard disk. Modems and Data Rates A 28.8 kbs modem conveys data in bytes, equivalent to characters, at 28.8 / 8 (8 bits per byte) or 3.6 kBs. 56 kbs modems of which there are currently two 56k standards. They are k56flex and v.90, are more fun, They never seem to connect at the full speed at least not in the UK. Here is an interesting excerpt from an ISP , Nildram: Having made sure you have the latest upgrade, try each of the 56k access numbers. Due to the nature of 56k modems, your connect speed will vary. The average is between 40k to 46k. If you get a faster connect, you're a lucky person! If you're getting a reasonable connection at the moment and you're just browsing through here anyway, take heed of the saying if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you are connecting below 40k but above 33.6k, you should check your phoneline for any problems. If you are connecting at 33.6k the 56k part of your modem is not working properly, and would indicate either your flash upgrade is not up to date, your phone link doesn't permit 56k technology to work, or you've got an x2 56k modem. x2 is not a protocol that we support. Nedstat Counter