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29/03/99 I am on ICQ: 34988781 As are: Blanche, Grote Vic & Vic (kleine Vic) Have received first e-mail from: 01/01/01 Groote Vic & Monica (#Oom Gerard/Tante Lea) 25/08/98 Wiglius(Groote Vic) 26/08/98 Victor (Groote Vic) 09/09/98 Victor (Kleine Vic) 15/12/98 Walter (#Oom Walter/Tante Adje) in Monaco 01/01/99 Blanche (Jan-Roelof/Sylvia) in Switzerland 01/01/99 Audrey (Jan-Roelof/Sylvia) (NO E_MAIL but signed GuestBook) 06/01/99 Fred & Marijke (#Oom Piet) in USA 14/01/99 Chris & Adrie (Oom Vic) 17/01/99 Catherine (#Peggy) in Belgium 26/01/98 Marie-louise (Tante Fonza) in Australia. 27/01/99 Toine (#Oom Toine/Tante Heleen) 27/01/99 Miran (#Oom Walter/Tante Adje) 30/01/99 Jos Welie (Gerty & Ger) 13/02/99 Huub Kunst (#Tante Maritje) 03/03/99 Sander (Gerty & Ger) 18/03/99 Josť & Jack (Tante Gusta) 26/03/99 Joost (Toine) 29/03/99 Charlotte & Gijs (Toine) 24/04/99 Fineke-Ruud 12/05/99 Jerome 13/05/99 Jan-Roelof/Sylvia (NO E_MAIL but signed GuestBook) 16/05/99 James, Willeke & Avelien (Finneke & Ruud) 23/05/99 Miriam (#Tante Greetje) 31/05/99 Huub (Marijse) 02/06/99 Suzanne (Jacques) 09/06/99 Eric (Jacques) 29/06/99 Gerard (Jan) 26/08/99 Erna (Vic) 30/08/99 Blanche new 31/08/99 Bart (Hubert) 02/09/99 B634-irene (Janine) 05/09/99 B921-Julie_Leon_Fabrikanov (Herman) 07/09/99 B321-Jan-Pieter (Jos) 08/09/99 B32-Mies (Jos) 27/10/99 Kees de Bie ??? Henk & Helene Jef de Bie Gerard Fred B922-Joanne (Herman) 25/05/00 Jacques For ALL e-mail addresses (and other family details) see: "Private Pages !!!" then "database page" Still waiting to hear from: Jemma Vera, BC-Tante-Heleen BC2-Peter (Oom Toine) B313-Dirk B22-Jan-Tieneke B532-Michiel - on 2 weeks holiday 8/9/99 B731-Catherine's latest B211-Paul_Mayda (Grote Vic) B64-Kees-Gonnie Jaap

CHANGES (latest first)

28/10/01 Added PAF Family Tree for ALL families including younger generations see Private Pages for those that have the access password (ask me!) 04/02/01 Added structure to: Pages for Mum, Dad & Miriam & Me Oom Walter NEW families: Richard, Gerard & Jan Oom Piet: Added structure, fixed incorrect link on Oom Piets, added links to pictures in Jos's Archive Added links to stills to Huub & Rietje Pragt Updated Patricks Page 31/12/00 Added details received from Jef de Bie to PAF Family Tree ONLY. Added Camcorder stills to Holiday 2000 22/11/00 Main Page: Changed order of Pages; Tante Adje - now under Families Page Help Page: Lots of useful info added; Moved "Login" to Main Page Private Page: Removed Duplicate links to Families and Holidays/Events 28/05/00 Addition of two photos courtesy of Greetje to Holiday99 Addition of Marcos Schelling's link to "Previous Generations & Omoeke" Addition of Personal Ancestral File & GEDCOM to "Previous Generations & Omoeke" - A REAL FAMILY TREE 01/02/00 Very large addition to Data Base on "Previous Generations & Omoeke" 03/10/99 Even more old pictures added to "Previous Generations & Omoeke" 28/10/99 Family and Events/Holiday Pages now available from the Main page again as well as via the Private Pages. Access is still restricted via usual password BUT access is also available via Guest password to these pages. !!! Guests can NOT access Private Pages !!! Also added Previous Generations to Omoekes Page including family tree to 1560. 16/09/99 News Pop Up added 14/09/99 Thumbnails added to most pages - let me know of any links not working 11/09/99 Flags "game" added to Main page 09/09/99 Family and Holiday/Events Pages moved to Private Pages 02/09/99 Started HOLIDAY 99 page under Holidays/Events Page 01/09/99 E-mails added:Paul,Erna,Vic new,Bart,Irene,Catherine new,Blanche new Updated DataBase. Now including Zipped & Self-Extract TEXT format 30/06/99 PRELIMINARY Dutch Technical Page added - comments please !!! 03/06/99 Details added to #Oom Gerard's & also to Tante Greetje's Page 31/05/99 Details, Photo & email of Huub (Marijse - Tante Marietje) 24/05/99 Added to Patricks Page - Pictures of Diving at Guildenburgh Lake 21/05/99 Jerome has started his own website - see under Oom Vic 20/05/99 I have moved ALL of Patrick & Family;Humour;Technical Pages & Shareware to the family "van Ewijk" web site. YOU SHOULD NOT SEE ANY DIFFERENCE !! I need the space for more pictures of "de Bie's". Humour Page: Added Working with idiots & Trust Me On The Sunscreen 17/05/99 Added email, details & pictures of James, Willeke & Avelien to the "Private Pages" and "Oom Vic's Page" repectively. 14/05/99 Added Jan-Roelof's email address at - maybe unused!! 11/05/99 Large change of email addresses. Also created Tante Antoinette's Page. 05/05/99 Oom Vics - Additions to Blanche & NVL website link changed. Also Early photo Vic & Jacintha added & colour scheme changed. 29/03/99 Tante Dina - Foto of Gijs & Charlotte 08/03/99 Tante Dina - Corrections & Family Foto of Gerty,Ger,children,grand-children 08/03/99 Added section on modems and data rates. 05/03/99 Added list of free web based e-mail providers and their use to monitor a number of ISP mail via POP3 from ANYWHERE! Also cleaned up Tante Dina's Page 02/03/99 Additions to Oom Vics Page including Link to "Blanche in CH" 13/02/99 E-mail addresses of Huub Kunst added to database 1/02/99 Have installed Internet Explorer 4 at home and on Dads. See technical pages. 30/01/99 E-mail addresses of Peter, Jos & Sander Welie, Jan-Pieter added Additions to Tante Dinas Page incl web addresses of Jos & Sander Welie 28/01/99 Added "Hole Digging" to Humour Page Have done the same as families but for holidays / events. Added Oom Toine's Page to Families 27/01/99 Added some ? Pages to Families 26/01/99 Created "Families Page" linked from Main Page. This NOW has all 1st generation (Omoekes children) listed in order with links to a seperate page each linking to existing photos. This will give access to same photos but by family. Fixed error in Groote Vics Page. Now can see the other Xmas files. 25/01/99 Seperated Oom Vics Wedding Pictures & Mums Ruby from the Private Pages leaving Database and email. 24/01/99 Names added to Oom Vics Golden Wedding Pictures (Private Pages) Thanks to Groote Vic & Monica 23/01/99 Added some animation GIFs to Main, Technical, Humour, Private & Database Pages 18/01/99 Added Catherine Pregaldine (Peggy-Tante Gusta) address to e-mail list Blanche has helped me identify a number of the family under "MyHoliday95" Added 2 family portraits of Oom Vics family under "Oom Vic" again courtesy of Blanche Removed Ztree from Shareware but left link - need the space.